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Officers catch police canteen-invading pigeon

Nab him, grab him...

In a hawkward position

In a hawkward position

Date - 11th May 2018
By - Sophie Garrod - Police Oracle

Officers have successfully stopped a pigeon amid fears it may poo on their pool table after it broke into the station’s canteen.

Suffolk’s Safer Neighbourhood Team in Haverhill arrived back after the Bank Holiday to discover their first job of the day would be figuring out how to remove the intruder perched conveniently on a high ledge.

After jokingly asking the local fire and rescue service to lend them a ladder on social media, the officers put their heads together to capture the pesky bird.

Dick Dastardly would be left green with envy after the ingenious team created a makeshift contraption by duct-taping a cardboard box to a long pole which the pigeon flew into.

After quickly covering the box with a sheet, they brought it over to the window where it was released.

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