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Force slams Pokemon Go mass brawl rumours

The incident did not involve people hunting Pikachu, Charizard, Squirtle, or any other fictional collectible pocket monster.

Force slams Pokemon Go mass brawl rumours

Date - 15th August 2017
By - Sophie Garrod - Police Oracle
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It is not everyday you hear a force spokeman mention Pikachus or Squirtles, but Surrey Police had to brush off reports that a brawl involving 30 people broke out over augmented reality game Pokemon Go.

The incident came to light following Freedom of Information requests to police forces relating to the mobile phone game which was released in June last year.

But Surrey Police has clarified the fracas was merely witnessed by a Pokemon Go player and was not related to the game.

A force spokesman said: "The incident that is being reported as 'involving 30 people' was called in to us by someone who happened to be out Pokemon hunting when they saw an unrelated altercation.”

Other crimes revealed by the Liberal Democrats and reported in the Sun included domestic fights in the West Midlands, exposure in West Yorkshire and a number of muggings.

Former party leader Tim Farron told the paper: "Hearing serious crimes are committed using Pokemon is worrying, especially as a dad with kids who love the game.

"It clearly shows nothing is 100 per cent safe."

The game quickly sparked a global phenomenon when it was released, breaking records as it was downloaded more than 10 million times in its first week.

It allows people to chase virtual Pokemon through the real world by superimposing them into real life through a mobile phone.

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