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We braced ourselves for response to toothy e-fit, says force

Image of suspect leaves public's sides splitting.

We braced ourselves for response to toothy e-fit, says force

Date - 5th April 2018
By - Sophie Garrod - Police Oracle

A force defended its decision to use a peculiar e-fit, after scores of people took to social media to compare it to cartoon characters.

Warwickshire Police posted the image in a bid to bring two burglars to justice, however, some members of the public have branded it as “hilarious” and a “joke.”

Some even thought his rather wide grin bears a resemblance to Bingo from the Banana Splits as well as Zippy from Rainbow.

Justifying using the image, Warwickshire Police tweeted: "We can confirm that this is real and that we anticipated the attention!

"But jokes aside, it was created from a description provided and it's serious as a woman was victim of a horrible crime.

"Hopefully the attention will mean we identify the offender/bring him to justice quicker."

The force issued the image in order to try and catch two burglars who managed to get into a house by distracting a woman.

The men claimed to be from a housing association as they tricked their way into the flat on Hertford Place, Stratford-upon-Avon.

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